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This morning you woke up in less pain than usual. You decide to use these precious spare spoons to clean the house - or at least to make a start. With your cane in your left hand, you only have one hand free to carry things.  Stack things in your free hand to minimize trips and get the house as clean as you can.

As a sufferer of chronic pain, your life is made of concessions and small victories.  Make today's small victory a nicer living space for yourself.

I Do This Every Day is a short game based on my experiences both as a spoonie and as a cane user. I made this game to vent my frustrations and to make my condition and the condition of others like me understandable to non-spoonies.

What Are Spoons?

Spoon theory is the idea of limited energy of people with chronic illness.  A person has a limited number of metaphorical "spoons" that are used up by completing simple tasks such as cleaning a plate or even walking. When spoons are expended, they can only be regained by resting.

Content warnings: This game features food and food waste. 

Accessibility: This game has no voiced lines and no time limit. Nothing is dependant on colours and the keys are remappable (hold shift on startup). This game can be played by alternating using the keyboard and mouse.

This game contains 100% self-made Art, Assets, Code and Music

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Aug 04, 2018
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Spoon Tree
Made withUnity, Blender
Tagschronic-pain, Low-poly, Short, spoonie
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Configurable controls


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I think what you're doing here is interesting, unique and pretty commendable. Apologies if my gameplay video below comes across a bit unintentionally ignorant, since I basically dived in without reading the description.  

Hey I played your game. It was very fun to play, I didn't play it that long in the video but after some time playing it offline. I'm sorry that I don't understand what the game is suppose to symbolize, but I get what it is trying to convey. Good luck to your future and career. Thank you for providing the game.

Hope you don't mind I made a video of your game. 


Thanks for playing my game! I'm immensely flattered to be featured on your youtube video. I'm sorry you experienced issues with the options menu. i've had reports of similar issues from other people and will be fixing it in the next update. 

Spoons are a metaphor used by people with chronic illness for energy. Doing even the most basic tasks uses up spoons and when you are out of them, you can't do anything else until you have rested and recovered them. The game is meant to symbolise the struggles and complexities of simple tasks faced by those with chronic illness.

(also, small note but you said he in the video and i'm a girl)

Oh okay. Sorry my bad, usually i just refer to anyone he. Thanks for explaining!

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Thank you so much for making a video! I am a Linux user and couldn't get the game running on Wine, so it's good I can see it here.

FYI, the house isn't dirty out of laziness; chronic illness makes it really hard to take care of oneself and keep a house clean, among many other things.


I'm really looking forward to playing this game. I'm a carer full time for a family member who suffers from chronic pain,EDS and a whole host of umbrella conditions so I completely understand the 'spoons'.  I was considering creating a game like this in the future to at least raise awareness of such conditions, so we'll done to you. Every day is a constant battle of good and bad and I hope you have more of those good days ahead. Il post again once I have played. Be safe.:)